Monday, June 11, 2012

May and June News

It's been too long since I've updated this thing. Life has been great. I feel like I'm always saying that, but its true. I ran my 1st 5k race in early May and am running another on July 7th, with Stu, Marie and Joe and my friend Tessa. It was really fun and I am enjoying running a few times a week in the early hours of the morning to get ready for the races. I am also taking yoga with brother Calvin a few times a week. We LOVE our instructor and it feels good to be more active. Stu works harder than anyone I know, at the office and then at home to make things beautiful and he is even more handsome and wonderful now than when I met him, I didn't know that was possible. Speaking of working hard, we are days away from finishing a nearly complete remodel of our home. It started out as just painting the living room, but slowly morphed into more. It is so exciting and Stu and I have tried not to complain of things being in limbo for 3 months. I mean come on, a little dust and disorder doesn't hurt anyone, right? :) Plus I've been able to take the boys to my Mom's house a lot, to get them out of the construction, and that has been a blasty blast! Burke and Sam are growing up fast and doing new things all the time. Sam has crawled a couple times, but mostly scoots around on his behind and squawks for me to pick him up. :) He and Burke are playing together more and more and Burke LOVES to hug and kiss him and share with him, yes, share! :) Burke is the best big brother ever!! I even wrote a song about it.

B is for the best big brother ever
U's for up and that's how he will grow
R is to remember that we love you
K is for his kisses oh how sweet, oh how sweet
E is for his eyes of sparkling blue
Abraam is his coolest middle name
Put them all together they spell Burke Abraam
A boy that means the world to me!

and of course I wrote one for Sammy...

S is for the sweetest little guy
A is for the apple of my eye
M is for the mighty man he'll be
U's for up and that's how he will grow, that's how he'll grow
E is for his eyes of sparkling blue
L is for the love that fills his heart
Put them all together they spell Samuel
A boy that means the world to me!

A few amazing things that Burke has done lately are 

1) he stepped on something sharp on the deck and immediately said 'walk it off, walk it off' as he paced back and forth.

2) I slammed my fingers in the car door right when we got home and hadn't gotten the boys out of their car seats yet, and as I was crying next to his open door he said 'take a deep breath Mom'. I did and it really helped. :)

3) he can jump on a tramp pretty dang good

4) he can ride his bike super fast and can even coast for a bit with both his legs up

5) he calls me 'Diaper Lady' in a funny accent like Mike Meyers says on the movie Austin Powers, when I am changing he or Sam's diapers. It makes me laugh out loud every time. He has a great sense of humor.

A few amazing things that Sammy has done lately are...

1) slept through the night!! since Memorial Day!!! 

2) beed the cutest little guy in all the land :)

3) eats as much as a baby gorilla

Here are a few pics of the kids and our house remodel. It's not complete, or decorated, but you get the idea.

As Burke would say in this instance, 'two brothers in Burke's bed together'

Sam in tow. I love this little pouch carrier. Burke didn't like to be in it, but Sam can be in there for hours. It is very helpful for me. :)

Sam chewing on a stogie. For real. And hating every minute of it.  Grandpa Grater says Sam looks like Winston Churchill so Stu was trying to see if he really looked like him with one of those in his mouth.

Happy Mother's Day!! Stu got me this amazing B.O.B. double jogger stroller for Mom's Day and me and the boys LOVE it!! Thanks baby, you spoil me!

2 brothers out for a stroll.

A sleeping angel. Look how big Sir Burkeshire is in his crib. He almost takes up the whole thing!

Playing around at Grandma Madelyn and Grandpa Al's. Right when I took this picture, he said 'cheese' and smiled really big, on his very own.

So I had to get a picture of that too. :)

Sammy Bear eating lunch @ Grandma's. The happiest little piglet that ever was.

There were some tunes playing and Burke busted into this adorable dance.

More cute dance moves.

Signing Grandma's cast. He colored all over it in various colored crayons and markers. He loved doing it and Grandma loved showing it off.


A few before (and during) pictures....


From left to right, Max, Burke, Stu and Sam.

Max is seriously so stinking beautiful and has the best personality. He is so playful and is crawling everywhere. He even stood on his own once!! Ya, he is amazing!! We love you Max.

Remember that things are complete quite yet, or decorated all the way. :)

The beautiful living room walls.

New door and paint everywhere. The door has been stained since this picture.

New entry way light. And the big dark wood panels, which once were a barfy pink color, have been stripped and sanded down to the original mahogany. Thanks to Stu!

The downstairs playroom/office.

The new bathroom vanity. Stu just installed the glass tile back splash yesterday! So pretty!

The laundry room.

Closeup shot.

Mirror isn't hung, and the painting or glass tile back splash isn't done, but check out the sweet vessell sink and gorgeous granite countertop that Stu picked out! Love it! It is so elegant.
I cut bangs. Sonya, this picture is for you since you wanted to see what they look like.

Stu is training Burke how to rub his back with one of those ball massage thingies.  A little to the left Burke, and put some muscle in it :)

You rub my back, I rub yours. :)